My name is Amanda Beem, I decided to follow my passion and open a wellness studio in, lovely, Lawrence, KS. I offer massage therapy and wellness coaching services(nutrition and fitness advisory). I am a firm believer in taking care of yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. If I can't help you, I will find someone that can.

A little bit about me; I grew up outside of Lawrence and joined the Marine Corps right out of high school. After the military, I decided to follow my heart and went to Wellspring School of Allied Health for massage therapy. I fell in love with massage and wanted to learn more about health and wellness.  From Wellspring, I have completed their 912 hour massage therapy program, 500 hour personal training and wellness program, and 500 hour nutrition program. I am nationally licensed as a massage therapist and certified through Wellspring as a Wellness coach.

I absolutely love what I do, and look forward to sharing my passion with anyone who is interested in learning more and ready to take action.

Thank you,